Research room dedicated page


EvaporatorHow to use the evaporator and notes
Desiccator Procedures and precautions for vacuum drying by desiccator
Vacuum dryer How to use the vacuum dryer and precautions
Apparatus dryer How to use the instrument dryer and precautions
Distillation and reflux How to assemble instruments during distillation and reflux and precautions
FiltrationFiltration procedures and precautions
Dsc How to operate and precautions when measuring DSC
NMR(400MHz) 400MHz NMR (JEOL) Instructions
NMR(500MHz) Overview of 500MHz NMR (Bruker) handling
Nas How to access and set up shared storage in the research room
List of specialized chemicals List of specially controlled substances stipulated in the Regulations for the Prevention of Specified Chemical Substances, etc.
Building an MD environmentHow to install and use software for MD

Software drivers



Fiji ImageJ Enhanced Image Analysis and Processing Software
Xnview Software with functions such as image viewing and bulk editing
(Free version)
Waveform fitting software
MendeleyLiterature management software
CubePDF Utility Software for PDF page editing, authority management, etc.
Image extraction software in PDF (some cannot be extracted)



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